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Eni Indonesia; Senior Reservoir Engineer

Posting date: October 03, 2009 Expiry date: October 17, 2009

Eni Indonesia

Location: Jakarta

Company overview
Eni is a major integrated international oil and gas company based in Italy, with interests in 70 different countries, and employs some 73,000 people worldwide. Eni has been exploring and producing hydrocarbons for almost eighty years.

Eni has Exploration & Production activities in Italy, West & North Africa, US, South America, North Sea, Kazakhstan and Asia. In Indonesia, En participates in elevan PSCs, including nine in Deep Water, with an active exploration and development program.

Position requirements
A Master University degree in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent is a prerequisite. You should have at least 10 years in Oil & Gas industry as Reservoir Engineer including experience working at rig site. Experience interfacing with authorities representatives and partners is desirable. You are required to be skilful in standard software such as office suite and having practical experience using reservoir engineering software packages (i.e, Petrel, E100, E300, IPM, MBAL and Crystal Ball for risk analysis).

You must baa good communicator with highly effective multi-disciplinary learn working skills and demonstrate experience coaching and leading less experienced reservoir engineers. Good technical and analytical skills, strong influencing and presentation skills as well as effective communication and performance bias area plus. Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English is a must.

Position responsibilities
Your role will involve building reservoir models and carry out simulations to evaluate the possible development scenarios and associated reserve profiles, ensuring the reliability of data and calculations, defining and optimizing the date required for Reservoir Engineering studies, validating the data collected and the relevant laboratory analyses results (including CCA, SCAL, PVT and transient wet test data), designing and analyzing Oil and gas flow and pressure build-up well tests, the definition of the data collection/analysis and in the optimization of the development/production scenarios.

In addition, the role involves cooperating with Reservoir Geologists, Petroleum/Facilities Engineers and Economic Evaluators in the construction of integrated reservoir models, preparation of Plans of Development for the company s assets and actively participating in the presentation to the authorities and supporting the preparation of Technical Committee Meetings and interface with partners on SS technical aspects.

Please apply for this advertisement to:
PO BOX 3260
Jakarta 10000


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